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Summer 2021 Clinic Update

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


From the offices of Drs.

Fretz, Minish, Block, Farwaha and Hsu.


Happy August!

NOTE: Masks are still Mandatory in Medical Clinics. Please continue to wear a mask while visiting our clinic.

Covid & Vaccine Update.

We truly feel that we have something to be proud of here on Vancouver Island! THANK YOU for doing your part over the past year of keeping us all safe. By now, many of you have already received your second dose of Covid vaccine. The provincial goal is 85% vaccination rate and we are getting closer! Your choice to get vaccinated is helping to make BC a safer place for us all to live; now, and in the coming months and years. If you do not yet have your second dose scheduled, please click here. If you have questions or concerns regarding the Covid vaccination, please do not hesitate to schedule a telephone appointment with your doctor.

We are starting to see an increase in those infected with the more contagious Covid Delta variant. Although you may have been vaccinated, you may still be susceptible to get infected with coronavirus and spreading it to others. If you currently have ANY symptoms of Covid-19, you should still use the BC Self-Assessment Tool, or call 8-1-1 to speak with a nurse or 1-844-901-8442 to schedule a test.

In-person vs. Telephone Visits.

We are still spacing out any in-clinic appointments, so you may notice that this type of appointment is not available for online booking. Please continue to feel free to book your telephone appointments online, using our website. Please treat your telephone appointment as you would an in-clinic appointment; be available at your scheduled appointment time, allow 15 mins on either end, and ensure you have everything necessary for your appointment (e.g. current med list, ICBC or WSBC claim number, Blood Pressure readings, etc.).

Can I schedule a "Complete Physical" or "Annual check-up" exam?

As many of you know, these types of exams are generally not covered by MSP, which has deemed them “non-essential” for most patients. We understand that these exams, which had been done previously with regularity, are important to some of our patients. If you feel you need a complete exam done, please start by scheduling a telephone visit with your doctor, who can discuss any particular concerns you may have over the phone and then help you arrange an appropriate in-clinic examination.


We understand this has been a long tiring journey, though we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We all need to continue to take care of ourselves.

If you are struggling emotionally, please reach out! We are here to help. Here are some great virtual mental health resources.

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