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Spring 2022 Clinic Update


From the offices of Drs.

Fretz, Minish, Block, Farwaha, Hsu and Rounis.


Family Day

Reminder our office will be closed: Monday February 21, 2022 for Family Day.

In-office vs. Telephone visits

Both in-person and telehealth visits continue to be available. You may continue to schedule your telehealth appointments online through our website. Please call the office if you have a health issue that you think requires an examination. Please do not enter the clinic if you have any cold-like symptoms without discussing with a staff member first. We will offer you a medical mask at your visit if you do not have one.


Please be aware that we will sometimes have locums (a physician that covers your family doctor when they aren’t able to work) in the office. The locum physicians are fully trained and well experienced. We trust them to take care of our patients when we are not able to. Please remember your doctor sometimes needs a break, and if the locum schedules are unfilled or they are treated poorly by patients they won’t come back! If they don’t come back your physician can’t ever have a break, burns out and may quit or cut back hours resulting in loss of your family doctor!

Family Medicine in the News

You may have been reading about the family medicine crisis in Victoria in the news lately. We are saddened to see the closure of so many local clinics and like yourself, we remain concerned about the state of our system as well as the future of family medicine in our community. We thank you for your outpouring of support. Many of you have asked what you, as someone who does have a family doctor, can do to support your friends and family who lack access to primary care. We encourage you to contact your MLA to voice your concerns. Please be aware that at this time, our clinic is at capacity and although we wish the opposite were true, we cannot take on any more patients.

Covid Update

Thank you for doing your part in protecting vulnerable people as well as yourselves by getting your Covid vaccines. For information on booking your 3rd dose or paediatric Covid vaccines, click here.

Island Health is no longer offering Covid testing for symptomatic people unless you are high risk. If you are uncertain about whether or not to get a Covid test, please click here.

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